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XXL American Bully Breeder

XXL Luxor Bullys - Bullyparadise Mallorca

XXL Luxor Bullys was founded in Germany in 2015 and is now one of the number 1 breeders in Europe.

Bit by bit we have been building our Bully-Paradise on the most beautiful island in the world – Mallorca- since 2018. Surrounded by truly beautiful nature, our dogs grow up under palm trees by the sea. What began one day out of passion is our life today.


On more than 100,000 m² with their own pool, our XXL Bullys can swim with us every day and exercise.

We see our breeding as a responsible task. Before we decide on mating, we take our time preparing it carefully and think about exactly which pairing goes best together, both visually and in terms of character.

Our XXL Bullys convince with their health, great stature and temperament. All of our Bullys have a family connection and are absolutely people-oriented. Our puppies socialize with other American Bullys at an early age, thereby we guarantee unique, individual developments and shape the later characters of the dogs.

From birth, we invest all of our time, effort and money to provide them with the best possible care and support.

It is very important to us that all of our dogs are regularly tested for HD and ED by the OFA.

Our puppies are hand-delivered everywhere. We will send a fully immunized puppy to you with an EU passport and health certificate. Our clientele is worldwide, so it is not a problem if you cannot travel to Mallorca.


XXL Luxor Bullys

We are XL American Bully breeders in Mallorca. If you have any questions about our puppies or our stud dogs,

please contact us!


+49 (0) 17683425516


Suge Knight
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