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The American Bully has been specifically bred in the USA since the early 1990s. It was primarily about the exposure of a calm, balanced being and a standard typical, strong charisma. This was originally achieved through strong selection from American Pitbull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers.


The nature of today's American Bully differs significantly from Staffords and Pitbulls in its recognized varieties - Pocket - Standard - Extreme and XL.

If he grows up in a social, dog-friendly environment, he is much more influenced by us humans than other races. He would like to be cuddled and petted all day long, preferably on the couch, of course. If there are also children, we adults have nothing more to report, he loves them more than anything!

The American Bully is therefore the perfect family dog.

Every visitor, without exception, is greeted with a storm of 100% joy, the latest clothes are often not appropriate here .....

Nevertheless, the XL American Bully also has a very distinctive character. It is only too easy to be blinded by your need for cuddling, please never forget that we are dealing with a very strong race, which always needs resolute leadership!

When going for a walk, the American Bully usually ignores other dogs. He is confident and balanced and usually does not allow himself to be disturbed by the yapping of others. That makes him a pleasant partner.

But guarding the house and yard is also one of its characteristics. However, this is more true for bitches than for males. While the bitch instinctively pays attention, the male dog, if no girl fooled him, would probably carry the burglar's things out with him .....



Regarding the bloodlines that you regularly stumble upon when looking for the right American Bully, it should be said that there are both well-known and well-known bloodlines, and that Hinz and Kunz with 2, 3 dogs think they have created their own to have.

As a rule, a bloodline is based on a dog that is particularly good for the breeder and that inherits its quality and characteristics consistently well over and over again. And that's exactly where the art lies!

Even if a good breeder pursues breeding goals through strong selection, he will always come back to the origin while the mass of certainly also very good dogs in breeding will always produce a wide variety of puppies.

In the meantime, when looking for your possible future companion, you will often read an endless list of "famous" American Bullys in the

. As a rule, however, the inheritance of quality is lost from the 3rd generation onwards.

So if you value ancestors or bloodlines, you should concentrate on parents and grandparents to know what kind of puppy it will be.


First of all, you have to say that proper breeding requires a lot of time, work and money.

We spend the whole day from early in the morning until late in the evening trying to do justice to our bullys and I wish that this was the rule, but unfortunately it is not!

In fact, bitches of the very best quality are the basis for successful breeding and they also have their price. Most people always only look at the big males, but I can mate the best male in the world with a "bad" bitch, there are hardly any good offspring to be expected, this is all too often overlooked.

This is why the number of really large and good specimens is limited and no matter how much meat it can be squeezed out. Quality is in the blood and will ultimately produce corresponding American Bullys.

The American Bully usually needs 3 years to be fully grown. At first height and length increase and only later do head and body follow.

It should also be noted in any case that the feeding of the puppies should never be excessively rich in protein (meat). In good dry food there is enough, the fat feed with huge amounts of meat so that the puppies bring a lot on the scales often causes an irregular calcium balance and then leads to e.g. different bone growth in the legs and thus to an impairment and shortening of the quality of life of ours American bullys.

We have paid a lot of learning ourselves and would just like to spare you this if possible, so question that!

In addition, and everyone who has once had a litter with puppies knows what I'm talking about, you spend the night over and over again, check every few minutes that everything is okay, the vet has to be ready in case something goes wrong and Especially in very large breeds with these skulls, irregularities are not uncommon at birth.

If the breeder also pursues a breeding goal, it usually requires more than 3 or 4 dogs. And not all puppies leave the farm when they are 8 weeks old, they too often have to be looked after and socialized for a longer period of time. Then the best puppies are held back for subsequent generations and you come up with quite a number and then the wheat is separated from the chaff, because that means a lot of work.

Hopefully I don't have to go into more detail about the monthly costs for feed and the veterinarian.

The prices

If you've looked around a bit, it probably feels like an impenetrable jungle.

Why are they so expensive? Why not the others? Well, to look at it from the serious side, one can say that quality ALWAYS has its price, so far so good. There are already a few famous Bullys whose offspring cost accordingly or their stud fee.

But how do I know who these famous bullys are? Why do I keep coming across their names in so many other breeders and how can I determine the value?

Well, that can't really be explained. The prices in the USA usually range from $ 800 to $ 20,000 and that range is quite something! It should be clear to everyone by now that $ 800.- / $ 1,000.- Bullys are some kind of backyard multiplication. The prices of $ 10,000 - 20,000 are usually only charged by the most famous or hottest breeders, to whom it is worth it, who also knows what he is getting, I can confirm that.

Only the area in between is difficult for the newcomer to see through. I can only recommend you, ask where you like the Bullys. Just ask certain points and then decide for yourself whether the American Bully puppy suits you for the price.

Then you will always come across puppies that have been reserved long before the litter and that deposits cannot be refunded but only transferred to another litter. This is also common, good matings are announced in advance and lead to inquiries and reservations. It should be understandable that if, for example, a 2nd pick cannot be offered elsewhere for a long time due to reservation and therefore of course no refund is made.


In fact, there is one disease in each breed.

If we look at XL American Bullys, we are dealing with molossid dogs. Heavyweights whose bodies and bones simply have to carry a lot. This is precisely why nutrition is so important and feeding fat is unhealthy.

Also, especially in the first year of life, too much sport, uphill or downhill, is not good for the bones that are yet to develop.


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